Peer Reviewed Publications

Spada, P. and Vreeland, J. R. 2013. “Who Moderates the Moderators? The Effect of Non-neutral Moderators in Deliberative Decision Making”. Journal of Public Deliberation, v9(3).


Spada, P. and Guimarães, F. 2013. “Investigating Elite Behavior Through Field Experiments: do candidates answer more to core or swing voters?”. Brazilian Political Science Review, v7(1).


Papers under review

Spada, P., Klein, M., Calabretta, R., Iandoli, L. and I. Quinto 2014 “A First Step toward Scaling-up Deliberation: Optimizing Large Group E-Deliberation using Argument Maps”. Under review: Journal of Politics.


Spada, P. 2014 “The Adoption and Survival of Democratic Innovations: A Panel Data Analysis of the Diffusion of Participatory Budgeting in Brazil.” Under review: Policy Studies Journal.


Book Chapters

Spada, P. and Allegretti, G. 2014 “The Role of Redundancy and Diversification in Multi-Channel Democratic Innovations”. Forthcoming in “In/Equalities, Democracy and the Politics of Transition.” Volume edited by Jón Ólafsson, Bifröst University, Iceland.


Spada, P, Mellon, J., Peixoto, T. and Sjoberg, J. 2014 “Effects of the Internet on Participation: a Study of the Participatory Budgeting Vote in Rio Grande do Sul” Forthcoming in “ICT Households and Enterprises, Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Brazil 2013.” Volume edited by the Brazilian Network Information Center, São Paulo, Brazil.


Working Papers


“The Political and Economic Effects of Participatory Budgeting in Brazil”.


“Investigating Candidates’s Office Seeking Behavior: A Field Experiment in Brazil on the 2010 Federal and State Elections”. Joint work with H. Kern, F. Guimarães, and G. Cepaluni.


“The Digital Revolution and Governance in Brazil: Evidence from Participatory Budgeting.” Joint with B. Wampler and M. Touchton.



Case study on Participatory Budgeting in Cruz Alta (RS) 2014. Participedia.


Answers’ key; “Field Experiments: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation” by Alan Gerber and Donald  Green, Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc, 2012. 


Book Review; “Participatory Budgeting in Brazil: Contestation, Cooperation, and Accountability” by Brian Wampler, Published in Latin American Politics and Society, 2009.

News 2024


[Phoenix update] We have finished the codesign of the pre/post surveys for the 11 Phoenix pilots


I got a bit of funding to redo the Brazilian PB Census


News 2023


[Phoenix update] Territorial Commissions of Codesigns are ongoing in 11 locations across Europe


I have got a bit of funding to assist the UK PB Network


We completed the Citizens' Assembly in Southampton


We did the first (at least I think it is the first) door knocking experiment applied to promote participation in a CA


In the fall I am on Sabbatical between Morocco, Italy and the UK


Demoplay project completed, we have a new version of EMPAVILLE!


Follow-up blog post in dialogic form with Kyle Redman in Deliberative Democracy Journal


Supporting Bologna CA evaluation coordination


The blog I wrote with Tiago Peixoto on Sortition and Representation has reached more than 5000 visualizations