I currently teach at Southampton:


1) A class on Democratic Innovations at the undergrad and Masters level.


2) A class on Policy Analysis at the masters level


3) Short Courses on RCTs and I will teach the upcoming summer school on RCTs in Southampton


4) A method and research design class for PhD and Masters students


5) Starting in January 2025 I will start teaching the first undergrad class on RCT at Southampton


In the past I taught:

1) Intro to Comparative Politics (large first year undergraduate class) 

2) Intro to Political Systems (large first year undergraduate class)

3) Undergraduate class on Policy Analysis

4) Undergraduate class on Political Behaviour

5) Undergraduate class on Political Communication


News 2024


[Phoenix update] We have finished the codesign of the pre/post surveys for the 11 Phoenix pilots


I got a bit of funding to redo the Brazilian PB Census


News 2023


[Phoenix update] Territorial Commissions of Codesigns are ongoing in 11 locations across Europe


I have got a bit of funding to assist the UK PB Network


We completed the Citizens' Assembly in Southampton


We did the first (at least I think it is the first) door knocking experiment applied to promote participation in a CA


In the fall I am on Sabbatical between Morocco, Italy and the UK


Demoplay project completed, we have a new version of EMPAVILLE!


Follow-up blog post in dialogic form with Kyle Redman in Deliberative Democracy Journal


Supporting Bologna CA evaluation coordination


The blog I wrote with Tiago Peixoto on Sortition and Representation has reached more than 5000 visualizations