Teaching experience:


Undergraduate Seminar: Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics: Participatory Governance Innovations. This seminar is based on a semi-flipped approach that requires the students to complete a reading spreadsheet before class. In class the students go through a series of deliberative exercises inspired by democratic innovations.

Syllabus Evaluations Example of reading spreadsheet


Four Days Intensive Seminar “Introduction to Experimental Design,” University of São Paulo. This seminar is based on the book "Field Experiments: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation" (Gerber and Green 2012). First class slides

2010 & 2011
T.A. for Prof. J. Fox “Game Theory,” graduate class, Yale University.


2009 & 2010
T.A. for Prof. J. Roemer “Fundamentals of Modeling,” graduate class, Yale University.

Class description


2007 & 2008
T.A for Prof. J. Vreeland “Introduction to Comparative Politics,” undergraduate class, Yale University.





New grant to replicate argument mapping experiment!


Empatia goes gold! Platform is ready and looks amazing.


Brazilian Participatory Budgeting Census 2012-2016 completed (old version here)


Argument mapping paper forthcoming in New Media and Society.


"Failures to analyze Failures" paper forthcoming in PS.


Working paper on multi-channel Democratic Innovations